Automated detection where you need it

Efficient and cost-effective AI-powered solutions for your cleaning and safety needs.

Transport & mobility


AI-powered, real-time monitoring of rubbish and other hazards in public buses and trains.

Identify stains and spills for timely cleaning to prevent injuries.

Receive automatic notifications about graffiti and other acts of vandalism to enable staff and law enforcement to respond immediately.

Provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all your passengers.



Detect dirt, rubbish and belongings left behind in shared cars. Checking car interiors is no longer a costly and time-consuming manual process.

CleanAI enables real-time, automated decision making about fleet maintenance. Reduce operating costs through targeted cleaning and less lost property.

For the cars of today and the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.



With shuttle services becoming increasingly popular, CleanAI provides a smart solution for clean van and bus cabins.

As passengers enter and exit the vehicle the driver is alerted to issues, including left belongings, in real-time. Operators of autonomous shuttles are aware of issues remotely.

Improve the experience of your passengers and your staff by offering a world-class ride hailing service with a difference.



Cleaner corporate fleets and fewer lost belongings. No more tools and goods left behind in work vans.

AI-powered detection enables new & flexible models of operating fleets, including making corporate vehicles available for public car sharing. Collect actionable data to enable predictive maintenance and cleaning.

Whether your fleet is privately or government owned, you can now improve the experience of your employees, save costs and maximise the value of your fleet.


Facilities management


Be alerted automatically to mechanical faults on the line. Detect accidents and breakages due to the power of Machine Learning.

Respond to tripping hazards such as loose items and spills before an incident takes place.

Ensure a safer, cleaner environment for everyone on the plant floor.



Reduce the time it takes to clear food service trays and rubbish from hotel corridors. No more messy spaces to spoil the experience of your guests.

Surprise and delight with immediate, targeted cleaning thanks to Computer Vision & AI.



Automate the detection of messy tables through immediate notifications to staff about trays, plates and other items that need to be cleaned.

Receive alerts about spills and tripping hazards.

Use the power of Computer Vision to welcome your customers to a clean and safe restaurant.




CleanAI can be combined with robotics to identify types of dirt and stains and to support automated and predictive cleaning in the most demanding of environments.

From enabling human workers to carry out more effective and efficient cleaning, to making robotic cleaning possible, automated dirt detection and analysis can add value in many environments.



By adding dirt and hazards detection capability to robots for the home, CleanAI enables the next generation of robot assistants to help people live safer and more enjoyable lives.



Computer Vision for robotic vacuums improves the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of their operation.

Object recognition, improved analytics and alerts about belonging detection all take these handy devices to the next level.


Tailored solutions


Contact us now to discuss how CleanAI can be tailored to meet your needs.


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