Local processing is our edge.

Introducing a first-of-its kind device, combining Computer Vision, Machine Learning, particle detection and local processing all in a small form factor.

The power of AI, wherever you need it - this bespoke device is ready to be mounted anywhere.


  • 4k sensor

  • Onboard EdgeAI processing

  • Low power operation and long-life rechargeable battery or mains powered

  • Automatic compensation for noise
    and custom HDR

  • LEDs for operation in low light

  • Particle sensor for detecting cigarette smoke and other irritants (coming soon)

  • Small form factor

  • Easy to use APIs for developers

privacy first

The integrated lens cover can open & close automatically for privacy-sensitive deployments, such as in shared cars.

Local processing of images means that personal data is handled on the device and is never uploaded to the cloud.

Local processing

EdgeAI provides additional advantages, including lower power consumption and near-instantaneous detection 
of issues.

Local processing is also more reliable when mobile data connections are poor.

For developers

Exposes easy-to-use, developer friendly APIs.

Developers can wirelessly access the RAW sensor, HDR imaging, controllable shutter and ISO. They can also run AI/ML models directly on the embedded CPU.

Using our Python development tools it’s easy to create an optimised model and process incoming video directly on the device. API wrappers are available for Linux, iOS and OSX.

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