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What IT is

CleanAI is the platform for automated dirt, rubbish & hazards detection.

Combining Machine Learning algorithms with advanced sensors, CleanAI enables our customers to identify issues remotely and respond in real-time.  


CleanAI uses deep neural network models capable of detecting dirt, rubbish, lost belongings, spills and other hazards in different environments.

The extensive data models and custom approach to dirt & hazards detection are unique and result in very accurate detection.


CleanAI can be deployed in many environments including car interiors, public transport, factories, restaurants and robotics.

The unique detection AI can also be included in a tailored solution to meet your needs.

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While CleanAI can be applied to different imaging sources, we have also created a bespoke sensor that combines 4K image capture with air monitoring to detect harmful particles.

Low-powered and with local processing onboard, the sensor can be deployed in environments where camera infrastructure is not already in place.

Battery or mains powered, daylight or low light, it's ready for anything.

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